About Us

Mountain Lodges of Peru offers a unique take on adventure travel to Machu Picchu. Cultural immersion, lodge-to-lodge journeying, exploration of breathtaking landscapes… all resulting in a transformation of mind, body and spirit.


To inspire and generate transcendental change in people and places through Adventure Travel.


Mountain Lodges of Peru creates unique adventure travel experiences for the active-upscale traveler, with a core differential in hospitality, lodging and local personalized service, with a high degree of social and environmental sustainability.

We are Peruvians who are passionate about our mountains and the people who live there. For more than 10 years, we have had the privilege of hosting guests at our mountain lodges, designed specifically to afford our visitors a seamless experience while they explore our remarkable country. Not only are we committed to sharing the celebrated treasures of Peru, we are also devoted to exceeding our guests expectations by offering an integrated cultural component that brings these treasures to life. We take great pride in our indigenous people…and as part of our vision for their development in an ever-evolving country, we are dedicated to including them in our day-to-day operations. At the lodges, local villagers simultaneously share their customs and learn how to be industry professionals. Our local teams, comprised of this rich blend of traditions and cultures, are trained to provide outstanding service and will go above and beyond to give each guest an unforgettable experience.

What we stand for



Offer small group adventures.

We are wholeheartedly committed into making our guests' experiences unique, breathtaking, and unforgettable. We treak every departure as a unique, exclusive, and personal experience.



Nomadic journeys are our DNA.

Every day guests will experience a unique take on adventure travel, journeying lodge-to-lodge to Machu Picchu. After each exciting day, you will rest in first-class lodges, enjoying upscale accommodations, gourmet Andean cuisine and some of the world’s most beautiful mountain landscapes.



We are driven by our desire to build human relationships.

We strive to innovate within our business models to empower and create value for our stakeholders. We have developed a partnership with an Andean community making them part-owners of the lodge.



We are devoted to offering high experiential value.

Our foundation, our engine, and our hearts are focused in offering memorable life-changing experiences that profoundly impact our guests while they enjoy Peruvian culture, history and the adventures that the Andes have to give.



Proven Experience.

In 2017 we mark 10 years of continuous success and leadership in the adventure and sustainable travel industries. From day one we have worked very hard to continuously improve our products by offering not only excellent service, but also the very best in guides, infrastructure, and logistics.



Authenticity is the roadmap we have chosen.

We are committed to creating social and economic value all around us while at the same time maintaining and highlighting the unique traditions of these Andean communities. A key strategy to this objective is to empower, train, and employ as many locals as possible in the communities in which we operate, enabling them as modern day travel industry professionals.



Following and discovering uncrowded paths.

Our programs are designed around remote routes in mystical, pristine areas high in the Andes. These itineraries allow us to travel in relative solitude, putting our guests in close contact with the history, culture, and natural beauty of the Peruvian Andes at their own pace , all while avoiding the crowds.

Giving Back

In 2006 Mountain Lodges of Peru sponsored the creation of Yanapana Peru, a not-for-profit Civil Association dedicated to social and environmental responsibility. Yanapana is committed to improving the quality of life through sustainable community development, in an effort to reduce extreme poverty in the Andean Highlands. Main activities of the association include donations for the enhancement of nutrition and infrastructure at a local public school, funding and training for local entrepreneurs, which include jam and honey, handmade textiles and organic coffee production. Other supportive efforts are directed towards child sponsorship programs, as well as medical prevention, detection and treatment programs.

In our own journey through sustainability, we realized that it was necessary to take steps beyond what was traditionally being done in social inclusion, which is why in 2012, a joint-venture was born between the community of Huacahuasi and Mountain Lodges of Peru, naming it Kuska Purispa: Walking Together.

about giving back banner
about giving back banner

We are convinced that sustainable tourism in the region should be built around a model that empowers local communities, making them active investors in local development projects for the long-term benefit of all. Huacahuasi Lodge opened by the end of 2014, built upon land owned by the local community and staffed by highly-trained residents from the village. Now a full year into the operation, we are very happy to report the relationship has proven a tremendous success for all!

After this successful case, we are committed to work under this innovative business model and keep empowering and generating added value to local communities in Peru.


Dream, open your door, go out.

Time is our most precious commodity.

We encourage you,
go out.
Let me tell you something about adventure:
It is what you choose, getting out or staying in of what you know.
It is yours.
Discover the unknown, the ancient, the beginning.
Embrace nature and
learn from the signs it gives you.

Go a little bit further. Go!

Feel sheltered by our home and by our people.
This is our purpose:
Inspire and generate transcendental change
in people and places.

Explore nature and history. Learn from it. Take care of it.
We promise, these experiences will long live inside you.

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